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Peter Frampton 1977

Signed by photographer Mark Weiss

$1,200.00 $850.00


Peter Frampton – Madison Square Garden – NYC – August 24, 1977

October 9, 1976, was the first time I shot B&W film at a concert—Peter Frampton at Madison Square Garden. My ticket for the show was in the blue seats, also called the “nosebleeds” which were all the way at the top of the arena. I could barely make out Peter on the stage. I was so “green” that I didn’t worry about how far away I was shooting from. I figured I would take the shots, go home and just enlarge them. Little did I know, photography didn’t quite work that way. When I was done, I looked at my results in dismay. Peter was bigger…but also completely unrecognizable! The photos were complete garbage! I now knew that in order to get a quality photo, I had to be up-close. By the next time Peter played the Garden (in the summer of ‘77)  I had shot a dozen or so other concerts & by now, I knew what I was doing! I snuck my camera in, jumped the barricade and made my way to the front of the stage, and got some great shots! To think that just two years later I would be going to Peter’s house to shoot the press photos for his next release was unimaginable.

Estimated Value: $1200.00
17″ x 22″
Archival pigment print

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